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    Jacuzzi and Pool Manufacturing
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  • Area
    161 m²
2020 Reference Catalog
Dem Yapı Jacuzzi and pool manufacturing

A jacuzzi is a type of pool that creates a sitting group in pools and massages the human body by applying pressurized water with the help of water or air. In addition to relaxing you with the refreshment of the water, whirlpools that are one-on-one to relieve the stress of the day, you feel as if you have rewarded yourself every time with a massage.

Jacuzzi, which also means health pool when translated into Turkish, has home type, facility type, garden type and built-in type Jacuzzi types. 

Water sealing in the pool should also be provided for whirlpools. Important elements of health pools are air massages, heating system, filtration system and hydromassage units.

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