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Salt water or chlorine?
Pool salt chlorine generator and pool salt devices are the ecological way to provide chlorine production by electrolysis of the salt in the water and to meet the chlorine need of the pool.
Since it fully meets the Ministry of Health criteria, it reduces inspection, maintenance and material costs in large enterprises.
What are the advantages of a concrete pool?
Reinforced concrete pools have higher costs but longer service lives. It can be made as a flooded system.
What Are the Various Pool Issues?
The problems that usually occur in the pools, such as water leakage, overflow problem, and the formation of cracks due to the separate operation of the plaster and screeds, etc.
What size of space do I need to have a hammam?
There is no standard of measurement related to having a bath. We are now able to turn even the parents' bathrooms of homes into Turkish baths.
How to solve the problem of scaling in steam generators?
Yes, the ways to solve this problem are through maintenance and water softening devices. If the maintenance of the devices is done without any problem, calcification will not occur.
What woods are used in sauna?
Cedar, Pine, Fir, Spruce and Ayous trees are the leading trees we use in saunas. Therefore, we provide detailed information about the requests from our customers and provide information about the sauna trees to be used.
What foundation is needed for a good pool?
The ways to make a solid pool pass through 4 items, the right static project, the right iron reinforcement, the right concrete class and the right concrete additive and a professional company.
How long does it take to build a pool?
The average reinforced concrete swimming pool takes 25-30 days, including the rough construction.