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How to Build a Swimming pool?

Havuz İnşaatı Nasıl Yapılır

Swimming pools are the best way to spend time as a family and also exercise on the way. The answer to the question ‘How to build a swimming pool? may prove that it is not as easy to build a pool as it sounds. Cilek Pool Co. will make it easier for you. Thanks to our team of professionals, we deliver the highest quality in an amazingly short time, having completed the pool design. Designed in two concepts, inner pool and outer pool, pool construction requires the use of quality material and Cilek Pool Co. stands out among the other pool companies with the quality we deliver.

Things to Consider In Pool Construction 

Before initiating the construction process, you will need to decide on the form of the pool in your dreams. The pool you want is defined by the intended use. 

Most of the time, our clients come to use with a metal image of the pool they want. Here, we will help you to get the perfect pool designs you could ever imagine. Using modern and exclusive pool designs, you will be able to select the pool you always wanted. 

First, the pool area is checked to see if there are any electrical wiring or landlines, sewer, cesspool, or any underground piping. Our firm, taking this issue into consideration, will perform a soil survey for the pool. Also checked by our firm is the drainage state of the pool area. Another important thing about the pool’s location is to ensure the location is exposed to daylight. It is a mistake to build a pool under shade. 

Pool Construction 

After taking the above points into consideration, the groundbreaking starts and concrete is poured on the pool floor supported with a steel bar mesh to ensure the pool’s foundation is strong. Again, the materials used play an important role. When it comes to durable and quality materials, we know that otherwise may lead to accidents in the future and we work in order to protect the user as required. After the concrete jacket is completed, the pool surface is finished using cement in order to have a smooth surface. 

Our firm will also take charge in any tests required to ensure the waterproofing of the newly built pool, filling the pool with water and performing any necessary controls. After all these tests are completed, it is the time to move on to ceramic material placement. Commonly used in pool surfaces, ceramic materials must offer impeccable chemical, mechanical, and physical features. 

In addition to the question of ‘how to build a pool,’ it is important to know that the pool is constructed by experienced people. Our firm operates in this sector for decades and our staff will deliver the pool of your dreams, taking the greatest care in every stage in this process.

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