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Led Pool Light Bulbs

We recommend 1 Use per 25 m2 to properly illuminate your pool. This advice is made for" white " color projectors, you should use more projectors if you choose RGB. For daylight and stainless steel pools, the number of floodlights used per m2 should be replicated. Floodlights should always be used underwater. RGB model: compatible with LumiPlus Eco, LumiPlus Top, LumiPlus LED APP and LumiPlus Modbus. The RGB DMX model is used with the LumiPlus DMX 41107 modulator.

Code Product Name Power Lumen White (KG) Volume (m3)
67516DC par 56 V2 LED Bulb White32 W43207,6-
67516WWDC PAR 56 V2 LED bulb warm white32 W43207,6-
43411AC PAR56 V2 LED Ampul RGB48 W25442-
45637AC PAR56 V2 LED Ampul RGB DMX48 W25442-
Pool Indoor Lighting Review