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LumiPlus Mini Pool Lamps

Mini projector range for your pool. Setup is very easy. 4W mini electricity consumption on all models. In order to properly illuminate your pool, we recommend 1 unit of use for every 5 m2 of water surface. This advice is made for" white " color projectors, you should use more projectors if you choose RGB. For daylight and stainless steel pools, the number of floodlights used per m2 should be replicated. Bushing and concrete transition parts that should be used with projectors should be purchased separately. The RGB model is compatible with LumiPlus Eco, LumiPlus Top, LumiPlus LED APP and LumiPlus Modbus. The RGB DMX model should be used with the LumiPlus DMX 52142. RGB projectors can be installed with 27818 modulator modulator can provide control up to 900VA power.

Code Product Name Product Type Framework Power Lumen
59971RGBFor reinforced concrete poolsWhites4 W186
59972RGBStainless for reinforced concrete poolsStainless effect4 W186
59975RGB DMXStainless for reinforced concrete poolsWhites4 W186
59976RGB DMXStainless for reinforced concrete poolsStainless effect4 W186
59979WhitesStainless for reinforced concrete poolsWhites4 W315
59980WhitesStainless for reinforced concrete poolsStainless effect4 W315
59973RGBFor spasWhites4 W186
59974RGBFor spasStainless effect4 W186
59977RGB DMXFor spasWhites4 W186
59978RGB DMXFor spasStainless effect4 W186
59981WhitesFor spasWhites4 W315
59982WhitesFor spasStainless effect4 W315
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