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Materials Used in Pool Construction

Havuz Yapma Malzemeleri

 Waterproofing: Made of polymer-based material, liners are waterproof. As this material is elastic, it offers the performance necessary for bending on uneven surfaces and corners. 2. Health: Liner can be cleaned easily. As a polymer-based material, it is durable and anti-bacterial. Liner is one of the most important materials used in pool construction. 3. Strength under water pressure: A closer look into the experimental results obtained from liner material, it is found that it offers sufficient mechanical strength under the pressure of the weight of the water. 4. Compliance to pool bearing system: Liner material is directly applied to the concrete surface and it is elastic. Liner will ensure that the pool is waterproof even if the pool has cracks. 

How to Build a Swimming pool? Which Materials Used and Where? 

Excavation is completed according to the plan. If necessary, the profile is filled with a filler in order to improve the infrastructure, or it is compacted using a compactor for each 25cm radius. Drainage infrastructure must always be planned in order to ensure the infrastructure will not be changed. The block support system will be implemented using external supports. Concrete application must be completed before the water collector is placed. An engine chamber and necessary cement finish, pool flooring, and superior finish for the exterior surfaces of installation galleries. The bottom of the gallery must be inclined towards the engine chamber and the cement finish must be made accordingly. The materials used in pool construction are not limited with the ones mentioned here, and there are a lot ore added thanks to the technology of our day. 

The Use of Materials for Engine Chamber Construction 

An access ladder and door must be of a size to accommodate the filter. Concrete balance tank is important for overflow pools. The distribution board must be of a capacity to provide the power as necessary. The drainage system must include pipes of a diameter at least 200mm. For the lighting, cage-type luminaires with gaskets must be used. Any vent must allow for natural airflow and must be of standard size and shape. The instructions of any material and devices used in pool construction must be followed to the letter; this is very important for the future of the pool.

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