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Matterials Used in Sauna Constructions

Sauna Yapımında Kullanılan Malzemeler

In order to be able to receive quality sauna services, you will need the right heat insulation, and therefore the fine craftsmanship. Furthermore, the quality of the sauna project highly depends on the correct infrastructure works. Glass wool or mineral wool must be used in the sauna construction. Thus, the heat insulation properties of the sauna will be improved. Heat insulation stands out as one of the main aspects of sauna construction and it is directly correlated with the high performance expected from the sauna. Therefore, durable and quality products must be used for heat insulation of the sauna. Following the insulation system and materials used, infrastructure will strike as the second important aspect of a sauna project. When constructed to be durable and sturdy, the infrastructure will allow for an increased service time. Spruce and pine trees are commonly used as sauna infrastructure materials. The panels manufactured using these trees come with a thickness of 2.5 to 3.0 cm and used as the load bearing structure of the sauna.

Some parts are indispensable in sauna construction. Among these materials are, as follows:

  • Monolithic sauna door
  • Wooden structures
  • Seats and mats
  • Sauna heaters
  • Ventilation system

Sauna door, as suggested above, must be monolithic and it is available in natural colors, transparent or smoke-colored. Silicon gaskets used allow for the perfect heat insulation. Moreover, sauna doors are equipped with custom handlesets and magnetic lock systems. The size of the door shall depend on the size and function of the sauna.

Wooden Materials for Sauna

Wooden parts comprise an important aspect of the sauna project. The sections of the sauna where our body comes in contact with are made of wooden materials. The fact that these sections are directly visible makes it even more important to use fine craftsmanship for these parts. Panels used in a sauna are, thus, made of specially selected trees. These panels bring simplicity to the sauna while ensuring visual perfection and durability. 

Sauna Seats and Mats 

Seats and mats are important parts of a sauna and they require attention if personal comfort is important. Knotless, resin-free and heatproof wooden seats are commonly preferred for sauna projects. These seating groups may have a single or multiple rows. Moreover, mats are very useful for cleanliness of the sauna. 

Sauna Heaters 

Sauna heaters are indispensable for the efficient use of heat in a sauna. Based on the size of the sauna, custom-made heaters are used. With the right choice of sauna heater with a CE quality certificate, it is possible to efficiently heat the sauna while saving from the energy consumed. 

Ventilation Systems for Sauna 

Ventilation system is yet another important part of a sauna. These ventilation systems ensure a healthy environment with clean air flow into sauna areas. Nevertheless, hygrometer, wooden headrests, wooden or copper buckets and ladles and a thermometer must be available in a sauna for your comfort.

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