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Norm Thin Mouth Liner Skimmers

All skimmer parts are made of ABS, which is UV resistant. Recommended flow rate is 5 m3 / h. Flow adjuster white ABS caps are available. Bottom Suction connections: internally threaded 1 ½ "and externally threaded 2". Discharge connection internal Ø 50 mm. Ø 40 mm to drain excess water. connection is available. Bristle holder basket is lockable pass

Code Product Name Product Type Weight (KG) Volume (m3)
56176SkimmerStandard, White5.610.182
56176CL090SkimmerStandard, Beige5.610.182
56176CL129SkimmerStandard, light grey5.610.182
56176CL144SkimmerStandard, Anthracite5.610.182
56299SkimmerAmplified, White5.610.182
56299CL090SkimmerYükseleli, Beige5.610.182
56299CL129SkimmerElevated, light grey5.610.182
56299CL144SkimmerUpgraded, anthracite for prefabricated ponds5.610.182
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