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Havuz Yapımı
Swimming Pool Construction

Cilek Havuz has a reputation as a company with the ability to realize the pool design of your dreams. Our company, which has a working principle focused on customer satisfaction, can apply the most modern designs.

Pool construction is designed in 2 different ways: outdoor outdoor pools or indoor indoor pools. The nature of the material used in the construction of the pool is one of the important factors in the construction of the useful pool.

In addition, materials that are resistant to all kinds of climatic conditions should be preferred in the construction of pools. Our company pays attention to all these features and offers to the taste of its customers by manufacturing pools far above international quality standards.

Pool construction is an industry that requires professionalism. Because pool construction is a very wide-ranging activity, from pool filtration systems to pool disinfection systems.

Sauna Yapımı
Sauna Manufacturing
If you like the idea of home saunas, Çilek Havuz can help you make your dream come true.
Our team, who are experts in designing, building and installing a pool, sauna and steam room, will ensure that you get a sauna in the style you want. Home saunas are special projects. We can ensure that homeowners have a sauna that they can use to relax on cold winter days and nights. You can capture the comfort that the sauna offers you while enjoying the warm-up on a cool day.
We help you to design saunas in the most suitable area of your home. With our expert staff, we build your dream sauna in its most stylish form. We will gain your satisfaction by finishing the assembly processes as soon as possible. As a team, we will help you with periodic maintenance.
For the Sauna, equipment such as reflective foil, cedar boards, tiles, lights, doors, heaters are needed, as well as buckets, candlesticks, watches, towels, scents to decorate.
Süs Havuzu Yapımı
Decorative Pool Manufacturing
Ornamental pools are one of the small details that make the place more stylish and modern. It will look beautiful in front of your home, office, or building where you spend time all the time. Ornamental pools should be selected in an appropriate size according to the size of the area to be made. It should be built with climatic conditions in mind. On request, you can use many different materials for decoration in ornamental pools. You can decorate the ornamental pools by putting various products that will swim in the water, and you can equip them with flowers. For the interior design and decoration of the ornamental pool, Çilek Havuz will help you with its expert staff.
Buhar Odası ve Kabini İmalatı
Steam Room and Steam Cabin Manufacturing
You may want to build a steam room in your home or anywhere you want. The steam room is a place noted for its soft feeling of warmth, relaxing light therapy, and enriching aromas of summer or winter fruits. Steam rooms can give you an advantage in terms of health, as well as help you devote time to yourself. The steam chamber creates steam and encloses it in a confined space. Steam rooms have been used for thousands of years. Some believe that Steam purifies the body. Some believe that Steam creates a feeling of being good. No matter what you prefer to believe, the steam rooms are comfortable and comfortable. Building a steam room can seem like a complex process. But with the right planning, the construction of the steam room can be defined in a short time. The only point to be considered is the quality of materials to be used in places such as walls and ceilings. Çilek Havuz is at your service to have a fantastic steam room in your home, paying attention to all the important points.
Türk Hamamı Yapımı
Turkish Bath Manufacturing
One of the most important elements reflecting our historical and cultural past to the present day, the Turkish bath construction process should be carried out from the first stage until it is ready for use without compromising quality. If the Turkish Baths, which must be carefully prepared for whatever purpose they are used for, will also be visited by tourists, they should be treated with more care so that we can best reflect our culture.
The structure of Turkish Baths should be hard, the marbles used should be non-porous, the Joint used should be at a low level, the water channels should be placed so that the spilled water can reach the drain, the texture structure of the marble used should be relaxing, the Marbles should be heated in a state suitable for the purpose of use. The distance between the cunes should be well determined, the height of the tap from the cuneiform should not be inconvenient. The umbilical stone should be heated more than in other places, and the ventilation system should be compatible. Çilek Havuz is with you for the carefully prepared Turkish Baths in accordance with all these features.
Tuz Odası Yapımı
Salt Room Manufacturing
Salt chambers are famous for their healing from the past to the present. Salt chambers, which are world-famous, are also in great demand in our country. You may want to use the highly requested salt rooms for personal or commercial purposes. During the construction of salt chambers, steps such as determining the location of the salt chamber, determining how the design features will be, preparing the salt chamber project, making the necessary preparations for the construction of the project, and building the salt chamber are followed.
Çilek Havuz will help you with everything as a team for quality and stylish salt rooms that are suitable for your health, resistant to climate conditions, together with all the appropriate procedures.
Macera Duşu İmalatı
Adventure Shower Manufacturing
Called Adventure showers, the showers are designed to refresh the body by cooling the heated body during the sauna and steam bath (quenching) and accelerating blood circulation. Adventure shower, which is being looked at with interest both in the world and in our country, which has been increasing in use recently, is important for your health. Adventure shower, especially known for its increased blood circulation, also appeals to your senses. You may also want to use the shock process in your home, which is important for health. Çilek Havuz will design you adventure shower in the most suitable way. Çilek Havuz for adventure shower made of quality materials, suitable for the design you want by choosing the most suitable area in your home.
Çilek Havuz Danışmanlık
Consultancy and Counseling

Çilek Havuz blends environmental and cultural factors with local features to fully meet the needs of our customers and develops unique designs taking into account your budget. It also follows innovative architectural materials and uses them in spa projects with all the details.

Çilek Havuz blends environmental and cultural factors with local features to fully meet the needs of our customers and develops unique designs taking into account your budget. It also follows innovative architectural materials and uses them in spa projects with all the details.