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Pool Lighting

Havuz Lambaları

If you are looking for visual perfection for your pool, you will want to explore pool lights and other types of lighting products. It is also pretty natural that you will need lights to ensure functionality at night. So let’s see what we can do about it.

Underwater lighting for your pool 

Underwater lights help increase the lighting level of the pool while reducing the reflections on the surface. Moreover, it allows the audience to better observe the movements of the swimmers. But the main benefit of these lighting products is about safety. 

It is better to use light sources in luminaires. If you are looking to use the in-pool lighting to the fullest, then these luminaires must be placed 1 meter below the water level. Moreover, you would want your in-pool surface materials to be of reflective quality for high efficiency. If your pool is deep and large, then it would be the best to have a second tier lighting line at 3 meters from the surface. 

There are two types of pool lighting: wet and dry niche pool lights. For the wet niche pool lights, custom luminaires placed on the pool walls. For the dry niche pool lights, the luminaires must be placed right beneath the water suction hole. Dry niche: 

  • Luminaires are easily adjusted. 
  • Offers ease of installation. Very important for safety.
  • You can use any luminaire you can imagine.
  • Possible to maintain from the niche on the other side, or the service corridor.

If you want to have a real lighting application, then your installation must be able to provide 1000-1500 lumen for each meter square of your pool. 

LED Lights for Pools 

For any type of pool light you purchase, ensure that their frontal glass is diffuse or transparent. Their internal parts must be made of Alu-PCB material. Ensure that all your lighting products are high-end products. Nevertheless, double glass used for the lighting product and other factors listed above will have a great impact on its chemical-resistance. Thus, you can use the product for long time without any problems. 

If you are using classic wall-mounted halogen pool lights, consider replacing them with the luminaires explained above. Doing this will add to the economy of your pool. Moreover, the products we offer are color-changing RGB products. Using them, you can change the color of your pool lighting for special days or anytime you want. An average pool luminaire must offer: 

  • 68IP protection class
  • 30 Watt power
  • 12 V DC or AC
  • White light; 3400 lumen
  • Daylight: 3200 lumen
  • Blue light: 2700 lumen

. You should also be able to have at least 2-years warranty for any of these products. A LED pool light will normally offer 50,000 hours of service life at an average.

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