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Havuz Malzemeleri

Pool Products & Things to Consider

Once considered a luxury product, swimming pools are now the choice of those with a garden; however, it is a complicated product. Whether one may claim it is all about some water and the depth of the water, it is a very detailed and sensitive process when you construct a pool. Without regards to its intended use, it has a number of needs which can be listed as waterproofing & insulation materials, filter & pump materials, lighting & electrical wiring materials, maintenance & chemical materials, etc. It is recommended not to go with firms which do not fill you in about the processes and materials involved in this project. Even if all the materials are available, poor craftsmanship and negligence may lead to early failure of the whole project. 

What are the Materials Used? 

Following are the details about pool products:

Pool pumps drive the water into the circulation channels in order to be filtered and they are also important for the pool draining. It is recommended not to run the pumps if there is no circulation, and to place it somewhere with good natural ventilation. If the pump is placed in a stuffed place, this may cause insufficient cooling of the mechanism. 

A sand filter is one of the vital parts of the pool maintenance. These products filter the water sucked by the pumps, and ensure the pool water is clean. Remember to set a lower flow rate for a successful filtration when using a sand filter. When the water flows faster than it should, then the filtration will fail to offer the necessary effect.

In-pool lighting may seem irrelevant for some, but it actually is a complicated aspect of a pool which requires optics knowledge. The only thing to consider when implementing above water level lighting system is not only about the brightness level of the light. The placement of the light in the water, the light absorbed by the water and the motion of water in the water depending on its color, all must be taken into consideration when designing the lighting project.

Chemicals, cleaning tools and the hygiene of the pool water must not be underestimated. A body of water without any motion is a great medium for algae proliferation and it may threaten the users health in time. As a preventive measure, the pool water must be disinfected using chlorine and using chemicals, algae and bacteria proliferation must be prevented. Moreover, pelletizers may be used as a complementary treatment; these materials help very small impurities to be trapped in the sand filter. Pool heating is not a must, but it allows the pool to be operational every day without regards to the season when it is used. It is possible to use fossil fuel or environmentally-friendly options such as heat pumps and solar panels.

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