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Technical Specifications of Pool Water Heat Pump

A device which chills the pool water in the summer and heats it in the winter.
Offers up to 80% saving when compared to electrical and gas heaters.
Ready for installation; incl. water inlet and outlet.
Heater offers higher efficiency as the operating power increases.
Quiet technology.
Cool or heat the pool water with season modes included.
Also, ideal for water cooling of cold plunge pools.
Runs efficiently at temperatures below -8˚C or -10˚C.
It must be located outdoors, next to the pump housing.
Enjoy your pool all through the year with economic cooling and heating scenarios.
The most budget-friendly option for heating pools with volumes up to 200m3.
No need to worry about electrical leakage, as it is not an electric heater.
Offers the best solution even for salt water pools.
Can be assembled to your current pool setup without the need for extra installation effort.
Easy to control using the embedded control panel.
No maintenance.
Return on investment in only a season when compared to electric-powered applications.
Pool heating capacity:  0 - 200 m3.
Durable with AISI 316 stainless steel frame.
Engine Power : 6 Kw - 45 Kw.
Exchanger : Titanium.
Warranty : 2-year.

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