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Sauna Accessories

Sauna Aksesuarları

Sauna applications are the choice of those who are looking for a healthy lifestyle. Sauna is a health cabin where you will get away from the stress of the day and relax and rest in a wooden room at high temperatures. Designed as a cabin, sauna will allow you to perspire in short time while balancing the water and toxins in your body and opens the pores on your skin. Sauna room is equipped with a heat emitting source and the whole room is fitted with wooden panels. The wood material retains the steam and keeps the humidity levels high, and it is a poor heat conductor which in turn eliminates the risk of burns.

Today, we understand the importance of a healthy body and mind. The use of ‘sauna’ stands out as one of the methods we can use to rest our body while reinvigorating ourselves. The medical community recognizes its benefits to human health. Many doctors today prescribe swimming, exercise and sauna as a treatment. As many other spaces we design, sauna rooms also come with accessories. 

Sauna Accessories: 

  • Aromatherapy Censer
  • Magnetic Handleset
  • Wooden Backrest
  • Heater Casing
  • Sauna Essential Oils
  • Sauna Emergency Button
  • Sauna Hourglass
  • Sauna Thermometer-Hygrometer
  • Wooden Headrest
  • Wooden Bucket-Ladle
  • Copper Bucket-Ladle

Functions of sauna accessories: 

A number of accessories are indispensable for sauna-goers. These accessories improves the sauna experience. In order to ensure heat resistance of the accessories, we should stay away from plastic and metallic materials. We can go for wooden Sauna Accessories or copper accessories made of copper. 

One of the most functional accessories of a sauna, Thermometer-Hygrometer will allow you to keep track of and set the level of the humidity and temperature of the sauna. The standard operating temperature of a sauna is between 75-85°C. 

Using the Aromatherapy Censer, give your sauna room a nice fragrance and improve your experience. Moreover, Aromatherapy Censer will have a relieving effect on your respiratory system. Menthol or eucalyptus essences are commonly used. 

Hourglass in a sauna helps you manage your time in the sauna. Availability of more than one hourglasses will allow users to manage their times separately. The hourglass standard for sauna is 15 minutes. Also, these accessories must be made of products resistant to heat. 

The level of humidity in the sauna is reduced with higher temperatures which may make it harder to breath in the sauna room; poor enough water on the volcanic stones in order to recover the humidity level in the room. The temperature of the cabin drops a bit which in turn increases the humidity. Some people like the humidity level to be high, while others prefer the otherwise. Wooden or copper buckets generally have a capacity of 4l. It is important that these buckets are durable.

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