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Sauna Construction Prices

Sauna Yapım Fiyatları

Also known as dry steam bath, sauna has evolved from once being a luxury need for human health and became a part of the private bathrooms, terraces and penthouses. The prices attached to a sauna would depend on the quality materials used, and the space reserved for such installation. Quality materials are a must as the humidity contained in this small area is rather high. As heat and humidity reaches to higher levels in saunas built in homes, protective measures must be taken to prevent any negative impact on other rooms, which in turn may increase the costs. In addition to the functionality, durability, and budget-friendliness of the sauna, the space reserved for this project is of utmost importance. If the project involves building a sauna in a room in your home, then the walls of the room must be concrete or brick walls. It is preferable to have efficient ventilation in and around the room and to have a shower close to the sauna.

Home Sauna Construction Cost 

The cost of a sauna room for your home may differ depending on the size and design selected. Saunas are available today with the minimal size of 120x190cm for those with limited space and it can be larger than that and may include a bathroom too. Home saunas are designed with seating or lounging groups and most commonly requires an area of 4 meter square. Saunas built for hotels or social facilities may include multiple rows of seats and can be built on an area between 6 m2 to 30 m2. Fir trees, Finnish spruce and Canadian pines are used in sauna projects for their durability under humid and hot conditions, and these materials are available in 5x5cm or 5x10cm panels, all heat-treated. The reason behind these trees are traditionally go-to resources is that they have a certain air circulation and that they are temperature-resistant and finally they are easy to clean. 

Turkey Sauna Construction Prices 

The ceiling, walls and doors of the sauna will be insulated using 5cm thick glass wool in order to contain the heat inside. The heater for home sauna shall be selected depending on the size of the application and any resistance used in a heater must be of the highest quality. Heaters used in home applications must be contained with wooden frames and the stones placed on it must be able to serve for their functions. In addition to the lighting system, thermometer, hygrometer, hourglass, sauna stones, and essential oils are indispensable for a sauna. While any prices will be based on the area of application, you may get your quote now for 120x190cm, 150x185cm, or 180x180cm home sauna projects as an addition to your bathroom.   

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