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Sauna Construction

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Things About Sauna Construction

Thermal insulation system must be selected properly and must be practical, if it is to offer quality services in sauna construction sector. Moreover, the right infrastructural design is essential in order to build a quality sauna. Thermal insulation materials such as glass wool or rock wool with higher thermal insulation values must be used in sauna construction. Thus, insulation capacity of the sauna is increased. One of the fundamental concerns about sauna construction is thermal insulation which is directly related to the performance of sauna. Therefore, the use of durable and quality material for the insulation in sauna construction stands out as an important factor. Sauna infrastructure, another important element of sauna construction, is important for the life of sauna. Spruce and pine trees are the sources for the materials to be used for this purpose. The size of the panels made of spruce or pine material must be in the range between 2.5cm and 10cm. These panels are the main load bearing structure of the sauna.

There are a number of certain parts involved in sauna construction. The main elements of a sauna are, as follows;

Sauna door
Wooden structure
Benches and mats
Sauna Heaters

Sauna Accessories & Complementary Products

Sauna door must be integrated. It is available in its natural color, while white and smoke-colored options are also available if preferred. Silicon seals are used with sauna door to ensure impeccable thermal insulation. Nevertheless, custom-made door handles and a magnetic locking system are used for sauna doors. The size of the sauna door is designed in accordance with the size of the sauna.

Things to Consider in Sauna Construction

Yet another important element of sauna construction is the wooden structure. The wooden structure is the visible part of the sauna which is in direct contact with the user.

For this reason, it is of utmost importance that the wooden structure has superior design features. Panels made of select trees are used to form the wooden structure of the sauna. Visual simplicity is a desired feature of a sauna. Wooden panels not only allow for visual simplicity, but also offer a sturdy structure. The use of massive and full-length panels ensures an elegant visual effect. The average ceiling height of a sauna project ranges between 210cm and 240cm. However, different ceiling heights can be designed based on the demand of the client.

Equipment Used in Sauna

Another aspect of sauna construction is the benches and mats used in it. It is important to use nonresinous, veinless wood with no thermal retention for the benches of the sauna. The properties of benches and mats have a direct impact on the comfort of the sauna. These bench groups can be arranged in a single row or two, even three rows. It is important for the mats used in a sauna to offer ease of cleaning. Sauna heaters are selected for the intended use and size of the sauna in question. The selection of right heater will allow for energy saving and will take shorter to get the sauna ready for use. CE quality certificate is a must for sauna heaters. Sauna ventilation unit connects the indoor space with the outdoor space. Specialized accessories such as wooden pillows, wooden/copper bucket and ladle, thermometer, and hygrometer are integral for the comfort of the sauna. Our company uses its know-how in developing modern sauna designs and manufactures saunas with a quality higher than that of the international standards.