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The health benefits of the regular use of sauna is scientifically proven. However, in order to tap on these benefits, one needs to use the sauna as advised and the sauna must meet the standards available. Çilek Pool Co. offers the comfort and aesthetics together in the sauna projects the company delivers and allows you to benefit from this great opportunity. First of all, it is of utmost importance to use heat-retaining wooden materials for the sauna.

Sauna heaters, on the other hand, are the heart of a sauna. The right selection, production and assemblage of these core elements of a sauna is important for a good sauna experience. When the selected heater fails you, it reduces the efficiency and quality of the sauna, while increasing the energy costs.

Types of Sauna Heaters

There are three alternatives for sauna heaters based on the sauna settings.

Mini Sauna Heaters: These heaters are ‘deal for saunas up to 6m2 area. Perfect for home use and boutique sauna models. Their operating power varies between 3 kW/h and 9 kW/h. These devices often come with a remote controller. 1 pack of sauna stones (20kg) is ideal for a small-scale sauna.

Mid-sized Sauna Heaters: A mid-sized sauna heater is ideal for a sauna with the capacity of 10-15 persons. In volumetric numbers, these devices are ideal for saunas with a volume of 13m3 to 24m3. Their operating power may vary: 12kW/h, 15kW/h, and 18kW/h. Often includes an external control panel. 2 to 4 packs of sauna stones would be sufficient for these devices.

Large Sauna Heaters: Preferable for saunas with a capacity of 15+ users. In other words, for saunas with a volume of 24m3 and more. The heaters used will commonly have an operating power of 21, 26, 30 or 33kW/h. In case where the sauna is even larger, then one may use two of this size of sauna heaters. These heaters come with external control panels and dedicated electrical boxes. 6 to 8 packs of sauna stones would be sufficient for these devices.

Selecting the Right Sauna Heater

Sauna heater is the core of a sauna and it facilitates the intended use. Thus, failure to choose the right sauna heater may result in decreased efficiency and resulting poor experience. It is important to find the best location for the sauna heater. The reason behind is that the heaters for home saunas are only activated before use. In a public sauna, on the other hand, sauna heaters run for longer hours. This fact needs attention when selecting the sauna heater in addition to the size of the space. Çilek Pool Co. helps you make the right choice as it is the case in any other step of the process and offers you the comfort and modernism with your new sauna.

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