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Sauna is a place for elevated temperatures which have health benefits for the people. Sauna allows for the toxins in our body to be removed through sweating, and it helps fat burning while reducing muscle fever. Sauna gets you relaxed and relieves the exhaustion and stress of the day. Cilek Pool Co. stands out among the local businesses with its experience in quality and impeccable sauna construction services for decades. With such experience, our team of specialists are dedicated to deliver quality sauna projects at all times.

Dry and Wet Sauna Models

Can be traced back to the Central Asia, saunas are now available in various models depending on their means of heating.

Among these models are wooden saunas. Wooden materials are preferred for most of the sauna projects. Cilek Pool Co. offers a natural ambiance using wooden elements in sauna. An important issue for wooden saunas is that the sauna benches may be overheated. Using a towel on such surfaces may help improve your experience.

Cilek Pool Co. is known for its impeccable craftsmanship in wet sauna models. Designed by Cilek Pool Co., wet saunas require one to sprinkle water on the volcanic stones used with the heater. The resulting steam will be absorbed by the sauna walls. Dry sauna is the other option. As the name suggests, dry saunas do not involve humidity. The main purpose of dry sauna is to allow for the sweat to leave your body rapidly which results in a feel of cooling. As dry saunas are not humid spaces, sweat rapidly evaporates.

Cilek Pool Co. offers quality services for dry sauna models as it is the case for traditional sauna models. Traditional sauna system is based on an electric heater or a wood heater. This sauna heating system requires the placement of stones on the heater. A traditional sauna may have a humid or dry atmosphere.

Modern & Finnish Sauna Models

Modern sauna is yet another sauna model designed by Cilek Pool Co. Modern sauna is based on the heating of the sauna room using infrared technology. Based on the technology used, modern saunas are classified under two categories, Namely, saunas with infrared lights and remote infrared saunas. Infrared lamp sauna increases the body heat using infrared lighting. Infrared lamps emit infrared light which in turn increases your body heat. Remote infrared saunas, on the other hand, help increase your body temperature through metallic or ceramic surfaces available in the sauna. Remote infrared saunas are also good for cellulite treatment.

Cilek Pool Co. offers its services also in Finnish model sauna projects. Finnish sauna, also known as Swedish sauna, is one of the dry sauna models. The temperatures in these models are very high and the sauna room is extremely dry. Thus, the users are not recommended to use it for extended periods of time. It is recommended that the first time users stay in this sauna model no more than 10 minutes for their health.

Home sauna models are also known as sauna cabins. These are miniature sauna models. The temperature in these cabins vary between 60 to 80°C.

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