Turkish Bath · Sauna · SPA
Project Details
  • Application
    Pool Projects
  • Location
    İstanbul / Sancaktepe
  • Date
  • Area
    21 m²
2020 Reference Catalog
Sinpaş Naci Bey Pool Construction

7x3 pool renovation works that we have done in Istanbul Sancaktepe Sinpas lagoon site the complete glass mosaics of the pool have been removed and the capillary cracks formed in the main concrete have been repaired with emaco repair mortar. 3 layers of insulation were applied by chamfering for cold joints. Plaster and screed operations of the pool were performed and the overflow codes were corrected with nivo and re-introduced to the 0 overflow code. The pool treatment system has been maintained and the pool salt generator has been integrated. We wish our client Naci Bey and his family to use it on good days...

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