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Standard Pool Lamp

The body and frame are made of white ABS. 300W, 12V halogen bulb. For proper lighting: we recommend using 1 unit for every 25 m2. 2.5 m long with 2 x 6 mm2 cable and with sleeve.

Code Product Name Product Type Weight (KG) Volume (m3)
07844IP69Standard underwater projector (for reinforced concrete pools)300 W, 12 V (COMPLETE)--
4403010301Standard underwater projector (for reinforced concrete pools)Stainless steel front frame--
11279IP69Standard underwater projector300 W, 12 V (EXCLUDING SLEEVE)--
07844VV69Standard underwater projectorEXCEPT BULB AND CABLE--
07838IP69Standard underwater projector300 W, 12 V (EXCLUDING CABLE)--
07856Standard underwater projector (for Liner pools)300 W, 12 V (COMPLETE)--
Pool Indoor Lighting Review