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Steam Room Models

Buhar Odası Modelleri

Q great way to get rid of the stress of the day, steam room will make you feel energized. Steam rooms play an important role in giving a glossy look to your skin, to eliminate the toxins through sweating and providing the necessary humidity level for your body. Steam rooms boast high levels of humidity. Cilek Pool Co. is a well-known actor in steam room construction and design. In this context, Cilek Pool Co. is the go-to company for quality and durable steam rooms with great references and the company meets any conditions involved in this process. No electronic devices are located in the steam rooms. In other words, no electromagnetic waves are allowed in the steam room.

The steam generator is located outside of the room and the humidity level is kept at 100%. As quality materials are used by Cilek Pool Co. in any steam room construction project, the walls and floor of the steam room are fully insulated which eliminates any associated accidents. A steam room cannot be compared with a sauna. While the level of humidity is very high in a steam room, it cannot be said for a sauna and the temperature of a sauna is much more higher than that of a steam room. 

What Steam Room Models are There? 

Aroma steam room is categorized under steam room models. In an aroma steam room, the steam is loaded with essential oils and a very pleasant aroma fills the room. The concept of aroma room is also used in saunas and other heat-treatment facilities to create an exotic atmosphere. The time you will spend in an aroma steam room designed by Cilek Pool Co. will relieve muscle pain and increase your fat burning rate. And all these happen in an environment filled with nice and invigorating aromas. 

Among the steam room models is sweat lodge which is a very old local American tradition. Sweat lodge served as a steam room. Toxins are eliminated through high temperature which relaxes the body. A calm and tranquil atmosphere follows. 

Caldarium steam rooms, on the other hand, serves the same purposes with aroma steam rooms. Such a steam room allows for relaxation with pleasant aromas. 

Another type of steam room is the Arabian mud steam room. These rooms offer both steam and mud therapies. Rich in minerals, mud is available in several colors. Ideal duration of stay in a steam room is 15 minutes. After the therapy, it is recommended to take a cold shower. 

Things to Consider When Using a Steam Room 

Steam room models may offer a number of health benefits with different concepts, however, there are some things to consider before using the steam room. It may be inconvenient to use a steam room in following cases:

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