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Swimming Pool Models

Havuz Modelleri

Swimming pools comes in different models based on the intended use. Teams of specialists must construct the pool without regards to the use, personal use or corporate use. Following are the types of pools:

  • Decorative pools
  • Ready-made pools
  • Thermal pools
  • Cold plunge pools
  • Pond pools

Decorative Pools

A decorative pool can be a type of pool you may try to build as a hobby and professional ones are built by experienced companies. Among the most common decorative pool applications are those built around recreational areas, roundabouts, sidewalks, etc. Built by local authorities, these pools offer a natural and elegant look with stone pavements and special lighting applications. Bringing spiritual relaxation to the people, these pools are commonly intended for peace of mind and stress relief. These are the primary purpose behind building decorative pools. 

Ready-made Pools 

One of the types of swimming pools, ready-made pools are known for their ease of installation. As one of the first options that come up for those who want their personal pool, these ready-made pools are convenient and economic. The cost of a ready-made pool may be even half of that of a concrete pool. They are manufactured in plants to standard sizes and they can be installed by experienced persons. When compared to the time spend on a concrete pool, ready-made pools will be ready for use just in 3-4 days. These features explain why they are in demand. 

Thermal Pools 

Thermal pools are designed for the use in the wintertime which is what distinguishes them from the other pools. They are commonly built as outdoor pools, but that doesn’t mean that indoor thermal pools are not as common. These are applications both for communal and personal use. The average temperature of thermal pool water is between 38°C and 44°C. Hot spring water contains several minerals such as chlorine, fluorine, iron, manganese, magnesium, sodium bicarbonate, etc. These minerals are known for their health benefits. 

Cold Plunge Pools 

Cold plunge pools, as the name may suggest, are designed to give the user the shock effect. In hot medium, our skin relaxes and the pores on our skin dilate. After such a heat treatment, our skin needs a shock therapy in order to assume its former shape. Cold plunge pools are designed to serve for this need. 

Pond Pools 

Among the pool models available, pond pools stand out with their aesthetic look and the natural feeling they add to the property. They are commonly preferred in large gardens or in large hotels. The pond pools are known to arouse different and pleasing feelings in the people around them.

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