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Thermal Pool Construction

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Things to Know About Thermal Pool Construction

The healing effect of hot water and the minerals available in water is known for several diseases. Hot water is currently prescribed to patients with certain diseases for its healing effect.  Turkey is rich in hot springs thanks to its natural properties. The temperature of the hot spring water and the minerals available in it makes it ideal for the treatment of a number of diseases. Thermal hotels operate in the regions where such hot springs are available. Guests of such establishments both enjoy a vacation and benefit from the healing effects of these hot waters. Thermal pool design is required to get the hot water ready to be collected in a pool for the use of the guests. Thanks to thermal pools, guests of such establishments find the chance to heal in these pools.


Thermal pools are commonly designed to be used during the wintertime. Such pools can be indoor thermal pools, however, outdoor thermal pools are more common. Thermal pools can be built to a size accommodating  public use, and private thermal pool room models are also available. The water temperature is in the range of 38 - 44 °C. Hot spring water contains several minerals such as chlorine, fluorine, iron, manganese, magnesium, sodium bicarbonate, etc. Depending on the content of the water, healing is made possible. Our firm is one of the best in its sector with different and quality projects delivered to the users.

One of the most important aspects of thermal pool construction is defining the intended use of the pool. The intended use of the pool defines the projecting process. Often, the water is circulated from and to a thermal pool in order to maintain a certain water temperature. Such circulation of water ensures that the water is treated and kept hot at all times. Overflow drainage and water discharge pumps are used. The depth of a thermal pool would not be that much in general. Pool depths at around 1.5 meters are preferable to allow for people to enjoy their experience. Moreover, a shower and feet shower section must be made available for personal hygiene purposes before using the pool. Thus, hygiene of the public areas of the pool can be maintained.


We use marble for thermal pool construction. One of the reasons behind the preference of marble as a construction material for thermal pools is that marble retains the heat and when heated, it helps maintain the temperature of the space. Marble use in thermal pools also preferable as marble protects the pool itself from certain abrasive minerals and active material. Marble stands out as the most appropriate stone to be used in such installations. We have delivered the perfect examples of thermal pool design and construction projects with total customer satisfaction. Our team of specialists designs the thermal pool from the scratch and they are considered quality projects.


Another important aspect of thermal pools is that the water available in the pool must be below a certain temperature at all times. Active materials and minerals which are used to treat diseases, on the other hand, may lose their effectiveness above certain temperatures. Therefore, the temperature of the pool is managed at all times to ensure the water is not hotter than or cooler than certain temperatures. Our team of specialists continue to deliver quality and operable thermal pool