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Turkish Bath Construction

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Things to Know About Turkish Bath Construction

One of the most important elements of our historical and cultural heritage, Turkish bath construction process must follow the highest quality guidelines at all times. Be it intended for commercial use or personal use, it can be built in a way giving the persons the sense of comfort when they first see the design. The material must be selected carefully. The whole construction process must be managed well in order to avoid any failures when it becomes operational. It must be constructed in a way eliminating or minimizing the need for repair or changing parts. Important to note is that an insufficient ventilation and heating system may pose health hazards. The surfaces which will be in contact with the users must be heated sufficiently and hygiene measures must be taken for such surfaces.

What Does a Good Turkish Bath Look Like?

The more attention paid to material selection, the more serviceable the Turkish bath constructed. In this context, the following points must be taken heed of;

  • The structure of the bath must be of a rigid nature
  • The marble used must not be porous
  • Minimum amount of joint fillers must be used
  • Water ducts must be designed in a way to lead the water to the drain
  • The texture of the marble used must maintain eye comfort
  • Marbles must be heated properly for the intended use
  • The distance between bath basins must be selected carefully
  • The distance between the tap and the bath basin must offer comfort
  • The temperature of the central massage platform must be slightly higher
  • The ventilation system must be compatible

How to Select a Heating System for Turkish Baths?

There are two types of heating systems one must select during Turkish bath construction: Hot water heating and electric heating systems. Turkish baths built for hotels and social facilities are commonly low-cost applications which tend to use hot water heating only. In this system, heating pipes are places through the heat insulation plate ensuring that these pipes cover the

entirety of the installation. This system offers the comfort of achieving high temperatures in a short time and every corner of the bath is heated easily. Electric heating system, on the other hand, is preferred commonly by facilities or installation intended for personal use where hot water is not readily available. This system does not require the Turkish bath to be heated uninterruptedly. It would be just enough to start the heater a certain time before use.