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Turkish Bath Constructions

Hamam İmalatı

Things to Know About Turkish Bath Construction

One of the indispensable elements of Turkish culture, Turkish baths continue to be popular among people offering an enjoyable time and health benefits. As Cilek Pool Co. we deliver Turkish baths for both personal use and commercial use with a modern approach. Designed with our corporate know-how and experience, Turkish baths can be customized based on the customer preferences and we ensure that this cultural experience is passed down to generations.

Properties of a Good Turkish Bath

Marble is the first thing to consider in a good Turkish bath. It is important to use quality and nonporous marble for a Turkish bath project. The water ducts in a Turkish bath are designed in accordance with the drainage system. And this will make it possible for hygienic and practical use of the bath. The veins and texture of the marbles used in a Turkish bath are selected to offer visual relaxation and comfort along with an aesthetic look. What makes a Turkish bath a Turkish bath is the fine adjustment of the temperature. Not only the air indoors, but also the marble benches must be heated efficiently in order to offer comfort to the user.

Benches, backrests and the floor, i.e. all the contact surfaces must be fully heated. The central massage platform, one of the core aspects of Turkish bath construction and culture, must be warmer than other parts of the bath and it must heat up the person resting on it. Bath basins and their placement, distances between them, faucet placement, the location of central massage platform and its heating, lighting system, details of the ceiling and walls, the dome, and ventilation are vital aspects of a Turkish bath. Cilek Pool Co. delivers the Turkish bath you need with respect to all these elements thanks to our years of professional experience.

What are the Heating Systems Used for Turkish baths?

In a Turkish bath, all the marble surfaces which get in contact with the users must be heated fully. As part of the Turkish bath construction process, the floor, central massage platform, and the benches must be heated at different levels. As the heating system will be covered with the bath floor, it must be planned perfectly beforehand. In case of a failure it will be very hard to access the heating system beneath the marble floor. The heating system can be selected from two categories: 

Hot water heating is commonly preferred for commercial Turkish bath applications. This will offer an economic system and it will be easier to reach at higher temperatures. Additionally, heat insulation is easier with hot water heating method. 

Electric heating, on the other hand, is preferred for smaller Turkish baths, commonly those built at your home. The system is controlled using custom control panels and it allows for preheating the Turkish bath before even going into it.

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