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Our Vision


Based in Istanbul, ÇİLEK HAVUZ & SAUNA aims to maintain its leader position, both in Istanbul and in Turkey, in its sector with projects professionally handled without compromising on the quality.

Customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction are our priority.

We are working in line with our responsibilities to the humanity, the environment and universal values, such as;

  • To produce the best solutions for our customers
  • To ensure customer satisfaction. 
  • To increase our market share.
Our Mission

The most important part of our mission is to always present the best in the fastest way and to ensure that the different expectations of our customers are met with a well-intentioned and professional approach.

Ensuring your trust and ensuring your satisfaction is always above our interests will pave the way for our success to prevent and / or solve your problems before they occur.

Our goal is unconditional customer satisfaction. Our absolute power to achieve this goal; is our expert staff trained and with a sense of responsibility.

Our Values

Determination to succeed: It is our greatest assurance that we, who set the quality standard in the construction sector and always aim to be the best, work with the determination to achieve this point.

Customer Orientation: The way to grow and develop each day is to maximize customer satisfaction. For this, we must establish close relationships with our customers, understand them well and show that we stand by them by finding solutions to minor problems that may arise.

Honesty: Our relations with our employees, customers and business partners are transparent, long-term, permanent and based on honesty. That's why our customers always rely on us and our customers with us.

Çilek Pool and Sauna have not been in a behavior that will damage mutual trust with the organizations they have business relationships with and they commit that they will not.