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Pool Construction

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What Does a Quality Pool Construction Look Like?

Çilek Havuz is known for its ability to build the pool of your dreams. Having adopted a customer-oriented working approach, we build the latest designs. Pool construction is categorized under two installations, namely, outdoor pools and indoor pools. The quality of the materials used in pool construction is one of the important factors involved in this process. Moreover, materials that are durable under any weather conditions must be selected. Our company builds pools with quality above the international standards paying utmost attention to the aforementioned features. The pool construction business requires the highest level of professionalism. Indeed, pool construction is a complex operation that involves many factors from pool filtration systems to pool sanitation systems.

Çilek Havuz designs a wide range of pools and gets them ready for your use. Our company designs functional pools for our clients' thanks to our specialized and professional staff. Our company takes the greatest care when it comes to pool construction and delivers elegant pool designs using high-quality ceramics. Experienced in pool construction, our company designs pools with overflow drains and balancing tanks. If the space reserved for the pool is limited, we use a pool skimmer which is ideal for such installations. Our company is capable of using the latest systems developed for pool construction and we use pool skimmer where overflow drains and balancing tanks are not required.

Things to Consider in Pool Construction

  • Elimination of concrete cracks in a pool
  • Insulation of the pool surface
  • Glass mosaic tile finish for pool
  • Mechanical fittings of the pool

Pool construction is a process with certain stages. In pool construction, first, the land where the pool is to be constructed is studied. Then, the base build of the pool is completed. Following this stage are the coating and finish works of the pool. Ceramics finish is implemented when the coating and finish are completed.

Our company delivers the result of these processes with the accuracy of a muralist. The most important factor involved in pool construction is that ensuring the pool is fully leakproof. Indeed, any pool with failures in its insulation will soon be stripped of its functions. Waterproofing must be completed right before the ceramic finishing process.

Our company designs functional, quality, and durable pools with great attention to detail in all the processes involved in pool construction. Using the latest technologies available in pool construction, our firm ensures that the equipment used in pool construction is not outdated. Thus, we use two-component epoxy coating for waterproofing to deliver the perfect results for our customers including waterproofing. Nevertheless, technical specifications of the adhesive and joint fillers used in pool construction are important for the durability of the ceramics used and continued waterproofing. Our company ensures impeccable insulation using flexible joint fillers and adhesives.

The placement of water circulation pumps and filtration systems is important to offer the highest level of comfort in the pool. Pool filtration ensures that the pool water is clean at all times eliminating any contamination before it becomes an issue. Another factor that plays a role in the comfort of the pool is the presence of pool sanitation systems. Pool sanitation systems eliminate any fungus, bacteria, or virus which may proliferate in the pool and provides a sanitary pool experience. Our company has delivered very successful projects both in terms of pool filtration and poor sanitation. Always placing importance on elegance, our company designs comfortable and elegant pools. Focusing on customer satisfaction at all times, we offer modern pool designs for our valued customers.