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Everything You Want to Know About Cold Plunge Pools

Cold plunge pools are designed with regards to human body’s reaction to hot and cold. Human tissues relax and loosen in a hot environment. In other words, the pores on our skin open. Heat treatment is used especially to open pores on the skin. It is easier to clean these pores in a hot environment or in hot water. These pores, after being cleaned, need to be closed and the skin needs to get tighter. And cold treatment comes in handy if we are to allow our skin get tighter. Cold plunge pools offer a great way to make this possible.

Steam room, Turkish bath, sauna, etc. are complemented with a cold plunge pool. Thus, it is possible to introduce cold water suddenly and to have the pores on the skin closed after being opened and cleaned with the effect of hot water or steam. Cold plunge pools are also known for their detoxification capabilities. Specialists recommend the use of cold plunge pools and they are now commonly used at SPAs and saunas where the busy city dwellers choose to go for body and skin treatment. With cold plunge pools, it is now possible to speed up the detoxification and skin care processes which may normally take longer. Recommended by specialists, this method calls for the ideal cold plunge pool design.

The intended use is important for the cold plunge pool design with respect to details such as the location choice and the properties of the pool. This is a pool application where a person will proceed to plunge after being relaxed in a hot environment. The details of the pool must be carefully planned in order to prevent any health hazards as the person acts rapidly and suddenly. Our firm provides a detailed project considering all these factors. The access point of the cold plunge pool, the ladder, must be carefully planned and necessary safety measures must be taken. And as a firm, we are very sensitive about these factors as we proceed to prepare the project.  Our team of specialists design cold plunge pools of any size and model for any type of space.

Cold plunge pool ensures a drop in temperature by 15-16 degrees Celsius and human body tightens suddenly as they plunge into the cold water. Such tightening of the body makes it possible for the body to rejuvenate. As a result of increased blood flow, the body starts to feel more dynamic. Individuals regularly exposing their bodies to this application report significant changes in their body. Rejuvenation and skin tightening are among these changes. Cold plunge pool applications stand out as the type of pool people who wants to rejuvenate and feel vigorous would prefer.

Our firm places utmost importance on perimeter safety of cold plunge pool projects along with the sensitivities attached to cleanliness and hygiene. We are offering the technical infrastructure necessary for a healthy and hygienic pool environment. With these processes in place, it is convenient to clean the pool and hygiene is ensured.

Our firm will define the necessary pool application parameters and will conduct a survey, only after we will design our project and break ground. In this stage, we take the client’s wishes in consideration. We are proud of the quality we deliver to our clients as part of our client-oriented approach. Long product life is guaranteed with the quality craftsmanship and quality materials used. We are always expanding our horizon with innovative designs and models. It would be the best to work with an experienced team in order to have quality and functional cold plunge pool.