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Prefabricated Pool Construction

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What Does a Prefabricated Pool Should Look Like?

Ready-made pools stand out as a practical solution for those who want to own a pool. Prefabricated pool construction is the most convenient, economic and rapid way to be a pool owner. Indeed, prefabricated pools are cost-efficient with up to 50% savings when compared to concrete pool construction. Nevertheless, prefabricated pools are available in certain sizes ready to be installed to your spaces. Preferred by a number of users due to the short installation periods involved, it is possible to have these pools ready to use in 3 or 4 days. Given that concrete pool construction takes 10-12 days, prefabricated pools offer significant savings from time.

There are many alternatives available for ready-made pools. In this context, it is a fact that prefabricated pools are produced in a manufacturing plant to the specifications defined. Therefore, they are available in many sizes and shapes. They are also known for the advantages they have to offer their users.

Following are the advantages of prefabricated pools;

-Rapid installation

-High durability

-100% waterproof

-Resistant to soil movements

-Very reasonable prices


These advantages resulted in the widespread popularity of prefabricated pools. Moreover, the fact that the ready-made products sector is an innovative sector makes it possible for aesthetic pool models. This is why many people prefer prefabricated pools today.

The main carrier units used in ready-made pools are steel construction panels. Therefore, such prefabricated pools are also known as steel panel pools. Steel panels ensure the aesthetic look and durability of the pool. Liner coating is used on the main carrier material. Liner coating ensures 100% waterproofing. Moreover, this material is absolutely flexible and It is known for its anti-bacterial properties. Any prefabricated pool is manufactured as a monoblock product. In this context, it is possible to select from a range of color options. Commonly available in dark blue, light blue and white, prefabricated pools can be ordered with marble and mosaic designs.

After the carrier unit and liner coating works are completed, prefabricated pool construction continues with water and power feeding channels. Any wiring and piping installations are completed using flexible materials. Nevertheless, these materials are also available in a monoblock design. Prefabricated pools are highly resistant to corrosion. Thanks to these properties, they have a long product life. Prefabricated pools are equipped with a system called surface skimmer. Thanks to this system, efficient water filtration is made possible. Moreover, this system is very compact unlike the others available in the market. Thus, prefabricated pool owners can enjoy free space in their yard.