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Salt Chamber Construction

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About Salt Room Construction

The healing effect of salt mines and caves has been discussed for generations. It is now scientifically proven that many elements found in salt mines and caves bring with them health benefits. In this context, the idea of salt room is now being implemented to our living spaces with the aim to access the same healing benefits. Salt rooms are custom systems constructed in private properties to mimic the healing power of salt caves and mines. In this context, salt rooms are found in health centers, alternative medicine clinics and even private properties. The demand for salt rooms has increased globally in the last decade. And this trend also reflects the situation in Turkey. Therefore, people are familiar with the benefits of salt rooms today both globally and locally.


Properties of Salt Room

As a natural result of rapid development of construction sector in Turkey, we can say that our know-how about salt room construction has also improved proportionally. Slat room construction requires professionalism and experience. In this context, following are the properties of a salt room:

Identification of the location of the salt room

Identification of the properties of the salt room

Salt room project design

Completion of necessary preparations for construction

Salt room construction

The construction phases of salt rooms are undertaken by professional firms following the above-mentioned steps. With attention to the construction stages of salt rooms as described here, it is possible to have a very successful project.


Salt Room Construction Cost

Any characteristic of the material used in a salt room, from the preparation to construction, directly affects the construction cost. Thus, it is possible to have a range of prices when it comes to salt room construction. We believe we are outshining our competitors with our quality salt room construction services and reasonable prices. Naturally, we are delivering tens of salt rooms ready for the use of our clients. Nevertheless, we are dedicated to offering customer-oriented services.