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For a durable product, the pool must be sitting on a good foundation. To find the best location for the pool, you will need to find the place with the longest exposure to sunlight. If the location selected for the pool has trees in it, then it will be very hard to collect the falling leaves which wi
 Waterproofing: Made of polymer-based material, liners are waterproof. As this material is elastic, it offers the performance necessary for bending on uneven surfaces and corners. 2. Health: Liner can be cleaned easily. As a polymer-based material, it is durable and anti-bacterial. Liner is one
How to Use Chlorine in a Pool? Chlorine is the most commonly used pool chemical. This chemical used to eliminate the microscopic impurities in a pool. Defining total chlorine and free chlorine levels, it is possible to achieve the desired disinfection level. In order to ensure that the chlorine use
Ready-made pool products draw attention as they offer ease of use, comfort and budget-friendly solutions. Ready-made pool installation takes a lot of diligence. The surface on which the ready-made pool is to be installed must be plain and clean. First, the surface measures are taken and the excavati
Sauna applications are the choice of those who are looking for a healthy lifestyle. Sauna is a health cabin where you will get away from the stress of the day and relax and rest in a wooden room at high temperatures. Designed as a cabin, sauna will allow you to perspire in short time while balancing
In addition to the coating material used when defining the concrete profile, static requirements must be considered. Cilek Pool Co. takes these elements into consideration during concrete pool construction and eliminates any future issue. Contact Cilek Pool Co. and get the the correct information ab
The first use of sauna dates back to 8th century, BC. First built as a cave dug into a hill or similar geographical element, saunas are now being used as modern rooms with high temperatures available in dry or humid therapy options. A very important part of Scandinavian lifestyle, saunas are heated
Swimming pools are the best way to spend time as a family and also exercise on the way. The answer to the question ‘How to build a swimming pool? may prove that it is not as easy to build a pool as it sounds. Cilek Pool Co. will make it easier for you. Thanks to our team of professionals, we deliv
Let’s first remember the intended use of a sauna before exploring the details of sauna cabin construction. Sauna is a space similar to a bathroom where the users are physically and mentally relaxed. The answer to the question of ‘What is the difference between a sauna and a Turkish bath?’ is t