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Swimming pools comes in different models based on the intended use. Teams of specialists must construct the pool without regards to the use, personal use or corporate use. Following are the types of pools: Decorative pools Ready-made pools Thermal pools Cold plunge pools Pond pools Decorative Pools
If you are looking for visual perfection for your pool, you will want to explore pool lights and other types of lighting products. It is also pretty natural that you will need lights to ensure functionality at night. So let’s see what we can do about it. Underwater lighting for your pool  Un
Q great way to get rid of the stress of the day, steam room will make you feel energized. Steam rooms play an important role in giving a glossy look to your skin, to eliminate the toxins through sweating and providing the necessary humidity level for your body. Steam rooms boast high levels of humid
Having replaced the traditional tubs we used, hot tubs are the choice of users today. With the pressurized water jets available in the hot tub, they act as a hydrotherapy tool with health benefits. Cilek Pool Co. has been delivering quality and impeccable hot tub projects in Turkey. Hot tub will ta
Salt rooms are designed to replicate the benefits of the healing features of salt caves in health centers, clinics, and your homes; these systems have been gaining popularity recently. In a salt room, salt particles are reduced to a size which you can breath in. For this purpose, a hydrogenerator is
When it comes to sauna constructors, we can start with the history of sauna. First built in the Central Asia, sauna became popular in Russia and then in the Scandinavian countries. And the design was perfected in Finland. The first public sauna was built in 1936 during the Berlin Olympics upon the
You own a large hotel or home and you want to have a pool. If you want to have the perfect results from every respect, you may want to consult to someone who knows about pool grating. Let us fill you in about this product. Any type of grating model will have a some common properties. These properti
Ready-made sauna is a type of sauna manufactured for home use. Designed for those who want to enjoy the sauna in the comfort of their homes, these sauna products are designed to save from space and they are easy to install. They can be relocated in the home as they are portable products. Those who w
Sauna is a place for elevated temperatures which have health benefits for the people. Sauna allows for the toxins in our body to be removed through sweating, and it helps fat burning while reducing muscle fever. Sauna gets you relaxed and relieves the exhaustion and stress of the day. Cilek Pool Co.