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Ready-made Sauna

Hazır Sauna

Ready-made sauna is a type of sauna manufactured for home use. Designed for those who want to enjoy the sauna in the comfort of their homes, these sauna products are designed to save from space and they are easy to install. They can be relocated in the home as they are portable products. Those who want to have a personal or public sauna may go for ready-made sauna cabins in order to save from the space. These saunas are manufactured in standard size. They are ideal for social use if the model is selected based on the number of users and intended use.

Ready-made sauna offers the sauna experience in your basement, terrace or living room. Moreover, it is possible to take this design to your office. Thanks to its portable features, it can be rented for shorter periods of time or easily moved from one place to another. When installed to a living room, these saunas blend in with your furniture and do not cause any visual problems.

Features of Ready-made Sauna

These products are manufactured for standard measures, however, they are available in models with different standards. 

They are always in stock.

They offer the ease of installation and they do not require any additional construction work at homes or offices.

We have sauna cabins for 1 person, 2 persons, 3 persons, and 4 persons in our stocks based on your needs.

It is possible to install this product anywhere in your home within an hour.

It is portable and it can be disassembled to save from the space.

The energy consumption of infrared cabins is 0.05 and 0.2 cents an hour which is very low.

Infrared cabins adds to the sauna experience and equipped with a 7’’ media player with USB, SD, MMC port support. Thus, you can browse images, music and videos as you enjoy the sauna.

As delivered to your home in a ready-to-use form, there will be no dust or dirt due to construction works. Ready-made cabins, therefore, offer the comfort of not having to clean the house after the installation.

Thanks to the aforementioned properties, we receive several orders from Turkish users who want to try ready-made sauna in their homes. 

What is the Intended Use of Ready-made Sauna? 

First of all, as ready-made sauna is a private space application, it draws the attention of individual users. Moreover, its features such as being portable makes it ideal for those who often move their home or office. You may just disassemble it when you need the space for some other purpose. In social facilities, these products offer the hygiene for those who may feel uncomfortable using public spaces for this purpose. Our team of specialists will ensure that the available furniture of your home or office is not changed and that no additional construction or cleaning is required. Use with the peace of mind knowing that it is an energy efficient product.

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