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Rough Construction of a Pool

Havuz Kaba İnşaatı

The starting point of the pool construction, the rough construction stage must be handled by a team of specialists with great care to the detail. Cilek Pool Co. moves on to taking necessary measures of the designated pool location as part of the rough construction. Thus, we are able to prevent any possible issues due to the construction work. The excavated soil is removed and our team plans the excavation beforehand.

Depending on the structure of the area designated for pool construction, any debris will be removed according to the regulations. After taking necessary measures against underground water, our team applies the drainage system as planned. In order to ensure the pool floor is level, the soil is subjected to coil compaction process using filling materials. Our teams use lean concrete for the rough construction and here the purpose is to ensure the iron bars are laid properly, to prevent any soil infiltration to the concrete mix, and to further improve the strength of the blockage. 

After iron bars are laid, and connections are made, mechanical and wiring works start. These processes are carefully completed by our team having them fixed and protected against any damages during concrete application. Then, the concrete wall is built. In this stage the following are done: 

Exterior blocks are fixed. 

Interior and exterior blocks are placed.

Concreting Stage of Rough Construction of the Pool 

Quality concrete must be used for the rough construction of a pool. It should be remembered that concrete is one of the main elements of a pool. In this context, care should be taken in order to ensure the concrete mix does not force the mold. Nevertheless, measures should be taken to eliminate any leakage from molds. Another point is the depth of concrete cover. Concrete must be applied in an uninterrupted manner using waterproof tape at the bends and corners. After the concrete mix is applied, compaction of the concrete is ensured using vibrating devices. Following this process, pool walls are built. Here, we perform the necessary curing in order to eliminate any cracks in the concrete. 

Insulation Stage of Rough Construction of the Pool 

After all these processes, insulation commences. The insulation stage is so important for the waterproofing of the pool along with prevention of any material influx. In this context, insulation of the pool surface is completed Commonly skipped in the rough construction is the base coating; and we place importance on this procedure. Base coating includes materials ensuring flexibility of the structure. One thing to take note when applying base coating is that it must be cured for 24 hours. 24 hours is the baseline for this application. This is followed by cement finish. This is commonly used to have a smooth surface.

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