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Pool Repairs

Havuz Tadilatı

An indispensable joy for the summer, swimming pools may require some maintenance and repair in years. Commonly performed just before or right after the season, pool repairs must be done by specialists.

Why pool maintenance is important?

Repair and maintenance services, when performed by specialists, improve the pools hygiene and also its visual appeal which will make it stand out.

Annual, monthly, weekly or daily repairs and maintenance services are directly correlated with the customers’ satisfaction. Moreover, any repair work would call for careful planning and execution. Also considering humidity-related destruction for deformation which may occur, it is important not to miss any of these failures.

What do we do?

Our services for our valued customers, scheduled annually or in the season, are as follows:

Pool maintenance and repairs in the seasons or at the end of the season

Having added precipitant to the pool water the night before the first day of the maintenance, we start the process. In the meanwhile, we run the circulation pump and let the water settle. The next day, we setup the hose system for wall and floor cleaning; and we allow any debris to drain with the water without being filtered. Later, we run the skimmer or open balance tank valve to clean the motor baskets fully. After washing and rinsing the sand filter, we set the pool to regular operation condition.

After these steps, we check the balance tank and add water if necessary. Additionally, we clean the pool and have it ready to be used. We also take care of the cleaning of other spaces such as shower, toilet areas, changing areas and the deck. Then, the only thing necessary is the chlorine level to reach at the recommended level before use.

Annual pool maintenance and repairs

An annual practice, this will involve the pool to be fully drained, all the walls and floor to be washed, the deck, overflow ducts and balance tank to be cleaned using an acid solution. Having checked all the ceramics and deck material for cracks, we repair your loose surface materials and continue with the process. We check all the joints from the scratch and repair if necessary. This is followed by the electric wiring maintenance. After fixing any mechanical problems, we make a list of every shortcoming as we inspect your sand filter. After the maintenance of circulation pumps, we move on to the overflow duct and grating and we replace them, if necessary.

Having completed all the checks on pool lights and transformers, we clean the pool with anti-algae chemicals and let it dry under the sun. After filling the pool with water and ensuring the pH level is within the recommended range, we perform the backwash procedure for the sand filters. The next day, we check the pool floor once again and we remove any residue manually without harming the filters and we shock the pool. Your pool will be ready to use after adding the anti-algea chemicals for the last time.

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