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How To Use Chlorine in a Pool?

Havuz Klorları Nasıl Kullanılmalıdır.

How to Use Chlorine in a Pool?

Chlorine is the most commonly used pool chemical. This chemical used to eliminate the microscopic impurities in a pool. Defining total chlorine and free chlorine levels, it is possible to achieve the desired disinfection level. In order to ensure that the chlorine used is able to clean the pool, the amount used must be sufficient, otherwise the procedure wouldn’t work and your money will go down the drain. One of the important measurements here is the pH level of pool water and its alkalinity. 
pH of the Pool Water 
Disinfected using chlorine, the pool water must have a pH level between 7.2 and 7.6. Any pH level below 7 would make the water acidic and automatically dosed chlorine would be injected into circulation which would lead to its rapid consumption. If manual injection is preferred over automatic one, then it makes measuring impossible and you may think you injected too much chlorine while it was actually not enough. Check the pH level at all times in order to ensure that the chlorine is actively operational. Alkalinity measurements will make it easier to keep the pH under check and the ideal range is 80-120ppm. At this point, any values below 80 ppm means decreased pH values. It could also be the case that there are fluctuations instead of some kind of a decrease which will affect the adjustments. 
How to Shock a Swimming Pool 
If this was the first time you were filling your pool with water, or the if you are adding overcapacity water, or if the pool water is no longer crystal clear and you can observe algae formations, then you need to shock your pool. So, what is a chlorine shock? Although it is not a hard method to follow, there are a number of factors to be considered. If you have just performed a chlorine shock, then you shouldn’t use the pool for 10-12 hours. Chlorine shock requires 4 times the daily dosage. The content of the chlorine is not of primary importance, but the important thing is that this amount is 4 times the daily dosage. Another method used here is to use 10 times more bound chlorine. Trichlor, hypochlorite, and liquid chlorine can be used for this purpose. Shocked in this way, the pool will remain crystal clear for an extensive period of time and it will look clean. These indications must be taken heed of for your health.
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