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Ready-Made Pool Installation

Prefabrik Havuz Kurulumu

Ready-made pool products draw attention as they offer ease of use, comfort and budget-friendly solutions. Ready-made pool installation takes a lot of diligence. The surface on which the ready-made pool is to be installed must be plain and clean. First, the surface measures are taken and the excavation starts. Then, cement is applied. One of the most important features of ready-made pools is that it is durable which translates into longer service life. Thanks to the flexible liner used, these structures are resistant to earthquakes and other natural disasters. Anti-bacterial properties are also available in these products as it should be in any product involving wet surfaces. The liner used in these pools eliminates the need for joints which in turn prevent bacterial proliferation. Thanks to these features, it is very easy to clean these products.

Ready-made Pool Installation Time 

Ready-made pools are recommended for hygiene as they are easier to clean. They offer 100% waterproofing with the liner used in the pool. Ready-made pools can be classified under two categories, namely, elliptic and panel pools. Ready-made panel pool installation takes 2 to 4 days. After the placement of cement, the bearing structure and its securing are done. This is followed by filtration and lighting systems assembly. After placing the mat and liner in the pool, the pool is filled with water having passed all the necessary tests. Budget-friendly when compared to concrete pools, ready-made pools are also preferable for the use of replaceable parts. It is possible to replace the liner, aka foil, with ease. 

Ready-made Pool Liner Replacement 

Let’s assume that the ceramics of mosaic fitted concrete pool started to lose their color in time due to chlorine use. The only way to recover the vivid colors of the pool is to reinstall the pool, otherwise it cannot be replaced easily. In ready-made pools, on the other hand, you can easily renew the liner; it only takes a couple hours to do that. Durable for the harsh weather conditions of winter, ready-made pools do not require disassembly and reassembly. It would be sufficient if the pool discharge unit is drained down to 10-15cm level during the winter. Thus, the water in the pool can be allowed to freeze without any damage to the liner. The last step of the ready-made pool installation involves the landscaping after pump container is placed.

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