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Pool Deck Application

Havuz Güverte

Swimming pools are structures used to add to the beauty of our living spaces. In addition to their aesthetic beauty, pools open the doors to a comfortable and sportive world. Pool decks are complementary to the visual impact of pools. A pool deck can also be called exterior flooring. Pool deck may include garden, terrace and walking paths and it offers a functional surrounding for the pool. In order to be able to offer impeccable services under any weather condition, pool decks are great as a complementary touch. The materials used to build pool decks must ensure the integrity of the pool for their intended use.

Decking practices must be performed by professionals. Pool decks require the technical experience in order to be able to design it without any flaws. Nevertheless, deck materials play an important role in the integrity of the swimming pool and it is hardly possible to imagine a swimming pool without it. Before the decking material became popular, wooden materials were used for the pool’s surroundings. Due to their poor durability, wooden materials are not preferable today. Moreover, wooden materials are easily rotten and infested with bugs. Due to these drawbacks, wooden material cannot offer a healthy environment for pools. Thanks to wooden composite materials we have today, water-resistant materials are made possible. With the use of these materials it is now possible to improve the service life of the pools. 

Pool decking materials prevent any type of bug infestation. Moreover, they have anti-slip properties which makes the swimming pool a lot safer. The fact that decking materials are water- and humidity-proof makes them even more popular. In addition to all the properties listed above, decking materials are visually pleasing. It is possible to have unique pool designs with the aesthetic look of decking material. The production quality of the decking material of our time improves constantly. 

The design of the pool deck is a task which must be performed in parallel with the pool design. It is a must to know the size of the deck and if a deck is going to be constructed at all. The application of the decking material will depend of the form and size of the swimming pool. In this context, decking application must be effectively implemented in order to ensure the integrity of the pool. For this purpose, there must also be the measurements for the pool decking in the project. The quality of decking material must conform to the pool project. It is only possible to ensure that decking is complementary in this way. Additionally, the size and amount of the decking material to be used and the color selection must be defined in order to ensure that the project is consistent. 

Cilek Pool Co. is specialized in swimming pool construction. In this context, we offer professional services also for pool decking and landscaping. Dedicated to ensure customer satisfaction, we offer pool decking projects with the international quality standards. We have already delivered a number of beautiful swimming pools to our clients. We are also focusing on the optimal pool deck for our swimming pool projects. Contact us now to use our exclusive services.

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