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Concrete Pool Construction

Betonarme Havuz Yapımı

In addition to the coating material used when defining the concrete profile, static requirements must be considered. Cilek Pool Co. takes these elements into consideration during concrete pool construction and eliminates any future issue. Contact Cilek Pool Co. and get the the correct information about concrete lateral profile, threaded edge tiles, and anti-slip decking and their perfect balance.

The inclination of the lateral profile is of utmost importance for proper overflowing and cleaning of the pool water. Our team will set this inclination to 5% and ensure the water will overflow perfectly allowing for efficient cleaning. In addition, there will also be an inclination of 2% on the other side of the overflow duct in order to prevent the migration of dirty water into the pool. If these inclinations are not properly implemented, then the aesthetics and cleanliness of the pool may be compromised. 

Drainage is the main element of a pool construction project. The reason behind this core importance is to prevent water flow into the pool. Another thing to consider is to have all the cement transfer parts to be properly placed when implementing the pool curtains; Cilek Pool Co. ensures that the concrete pool construction is completed with the highest level of attention to such details. Expansion joint must remain in the pool in order to eliminate any static issues. Moreover, it is important to coat these structural additions with waterproofed materials. 

Important Factors in Concrete Pool Construction 

Our corporate teams implement the highest quality craftsmanship when working on concrete pool construction. The quality of waterproofing material used is always of great importance and elastic silicon materials are the go-to products. It is critical to eliminate any cold applied joint sealants during concrete pour. If cold applied joint sealants are available, then special measures are taken. Waterproof tapes are used on cold applied joint sealants. This is just one example of the quality of the services provided. Care must be taken during cement and surface coating processes. First, it is ensured that the cement used does not include hazardous materials and the thickness of surface coating is considered accordingly. If the cement layer thickness is above the 8-15 mm range, this may lead to cracks in the cement which makes it important to follow the thickness standards. In general, it is important to implement the projected pool measures when applying concrete. 

Insulation System in Concrete Pool Construction 

Waterproofing or pool insulation is yet another important part of the concrete pool construction. After any insulation works, the pool is filled with water to check for water leakage and water loss to ensure pool surface is fully waterproofed. The pool will need to remain in this condition filled with water for 15 days. Any duration less than 15 days shall not be allowed. If the process is not completed as it should be, then the necessary controls cannot be done and the process moves on to tiling. If this is the case, the pool may be prone to future accidents. 

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