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Salt Room Models

Tuz Odası Modelleri

Salt rooms are designed to replicate the benefits of the healing features of salt caves in health centers, clinics, and your homes; these systems have been gaining popularity recently. In a salt room, salt particles are reduced to a size which you can breath in. For this purpose, a hydrogenerator is used. These salt microparticles act to relieve the respiratory system. Salt also has anti-bacterial features. With this feature, it helps clean the respiratory system. Thus, salt rooms make it possible for the people with respiratory problems to breath comfortably and increase their oxygen intake. Nevertheless, salt rooms are not only beneficial for those with respiratory conditions but also recommended for healthy people.

Reduced to microscopic size in salt room, salt offers great health benefits for you. People with conditions like asthma, labored breathing, sinusitis may use salt rooms for their health. In addition to helping you breath more comfortably, salt rooms are known to eliminate complaints such as sleep disorders, fatigue after sleep, and exhaustion. 

Çilek Pool Co. has been delivering salt room projects in addition to other facilities for years using its years of experience. With its team of specialists, the company is offering its impeccable services for homes and health centers, and it builds salt rooms with the highest possible quality using its experience. 

What Salt Room Models are There? 

Among the salt room models is active salt rooms, and it is based on a halogenerator which generates microparticles. These salt microparticles are good for respiratory tract and the skin. At the center of an active salt room is a custom equipment called halogenerator. Pure sodium chloride is placed in the halogenerator. Halogenerator grinds and reduces the sodium chloride into microscopic pieces. After that, these particles are dispersed into the room. Based on this principle, this dry salt therapy is called Halotherapy. 

Another salt room model is passive salt room. Passive salt rooms include a variety of salts obtained from the sea. Passive salt rooms do not include a halogenerator. These rooms are commonly more natural. Passive salt rooms do not involve processing of any chemicals. Believed to be more beneficial for health, the environment is built in a way to balance the humidity and temperature. The therapy offered by passive salt rooms is called Speleotherapy. Speleotherapy involves a type of salt room which is naturally created underground. Such settings are not considered part of halotherapy. They are ideal for relaxation, meditation and regaining peace of mind. 

Important Factors in Salt Therapy 

Although salt room models offer certain health benefits, there are some principles to follow when using them. People with the following health conditions are not recommended to be in a salt room: 

  • Infection with fever 
  • Cancer
  • Tuberculosis
  • Coronary failure
  • Hypertension
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