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Jakuzi Modelleri

Having replaced the traditional tubs we used, hot tubs are the choice of users today.

With the pressurized water jets available in the hot tub, they act as a hydrotherapy tool with health benefits. Cilek Pool Co. has been delivering quality and impeccable hot tub projects in Turkey. Hot tub will take the stress of the day away. Thus, makes it possible for a calm and peaceful mindset for the rest of the day. 

The main difference between a hot tub and a simple tub is the therapeutic effect of hot tub. Nevertheless, hot tub models are now available in stylish and modern designs which even elevates your bath experience. Simple tubs, on the other hand, do not offer more than the option to wash and clean the body while taking unnecessarily larger space when compared to a shower. 

Health Benefits of Hut Tub Use 

Cilek Pool Co. has been designing and implementing hot tub solutions for years. 

  • Hot tub therapy relaxes your muscles. 
  • It increases the circulation.
  •  Opens the pores in your skin and helps eliminate the toxins through your skin.
  • Alleviates muscle fever and protects the muscles.
  • Stimulates nerve ends.
  • Increases flexibility of your body.

Having relaxed thanks to the hot tub therapy, your body and muscles relax as necessary. Furthermore, hot tub therapy improves circulation and reduces the stress of the day. You will feel energized at the end of the therapy triggering the release of endorphins. It also increases metabolism rate which in turn help you lose weight. Hot tub therapy is a great way to fight the effects of aging. Hut tub therapy is recommended especially for those with diabetes. It is proven that hut tub therapy reduces the effects of hypertension and coronary disease helping you recover.

What are the Hot Tub Models Available & How Does It Work? 

Any hut tub models prepared by Cilek Pool Co. will be designed with regards to your suggestions. The hut tub models manufactured for gyms, and SPAs are commonly larger. Among the common forms of hut tubs are round and square applications. Cilek Pool Co. ensures your hut tub looks stylish and brilliant. Contact us now and just describe the hut tub of your dreams. 

The motor parts of hut tub models vacuum the water and transfer it into the hut tub. Such water transfer is made possible using the nozzles placed in the hut tub. These nozzles must be placed with a certain distance from each other based on the predefined measurements. Cilek Pool Co. offers the perfect craftsmanship thanks to its team of professionals. Designed for physical therapy in the comfort of your home, hot tubs have a natural pain relief effect. Also more fun when compared to a standard tub, these hot tubs come with a capacity of two or more persons. They are ideal for good times with your family.

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