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    Pool Projects
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    200 m²
2020 Reference Catalog
Batum Extreme Sports Center

Given the relaxing effect of water, both physically and psychologically, it is not surprising that ancient people also placed importance on pools. Ottoman Empire era had seen the common use of decorative pools in palace courtyards. Thanks to the relaxing effect of the sound of water, pools have a special place in psychological treatments. Today, we are able to enjoy pools all year round without the limitations of the season with several technological advancements.

Pool construction is a process which involves a number of details and it requires craftsmanship. A number of aspects must be dealt with carefully if it is aimed to be used for a long time. If constructed as required with the maximum craftsmanship performance, these structures serve you for long time, maximizing their product life.
Available with options such as indoor, outdoor, heated, etc. pools wait for many new home owners to explore this option. Not to mention, it is one of the indispensable elements of holidays.

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