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    Sauna Projects
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    11 m²
2020 Reference Catalog
Demir Akyürek Steam Room Construction

Modern Steam Room Construction

We have placed greatest care to the detail throughout the project and used the highest quality material. In addition to the quality materials used in steam room construction, this type of a construction work requires attention to a number of points. The space where the steam room is constructed must be insulated against humidity and hot steam. Walls and the ceiling must be insulated using the same type of moisture resistant materials.
Any glass mosaic flooring or tiles used must be used in a way ensuring the safety of the user. Electrical infrastructure of the steam generator must be coated using a non-conducting material. Thus, any health hazards due to leakage current can be avoided. A heat sensor must be installed to the steam room in order to keep the temperature in the range not threatening human life.
The door of the steam room must be made of air tight materials and commonly uses tempered glass. The seats used must be standard-sized and comfortable. Having considered all these aspects, we deliver modern steam rooms to our clients.

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