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    Sauna Projects
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    7 m²
2020 Reference Catalog
Mia Construction Co. Steam Room Construction

Today, we have different choices ideal for different styles and likings, however, classic furniture and details never get old and commonly preferred regardless of the times. In steam room construction projects, we prefer the use of wooden panels for the indoor furnishing. The trick here is to ensure that the panels used are monolithic. Dry cured in order to eliminate any possible failures when used in higher temperatures, these panels are fixed using a concealed mechanism.

There are many more furnishing alternatives to these panels. We proceed with the project in light of the customer preferences. Nevertheless, we use seating groups offering the highest level of comfort. Depending on the space available in the steam room, we install 2 or 3 row bleacher-type seating areas for large rooms and single row for smaller rooms. Our team of specialists will guide you also with the heater selection process as it is the case for any other processes involved. 

As Çilek Pool Co., we prioritize your satisfaction and we aim to maximize our service quality. We will also guide you through the ventilation system selection based on the heater system. All these applications will translate to a service which maximizes the visual aspects.

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