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Artic Plus Model Sand Filter

Excellent quality sand filters made of isophthalic polyester and fiberglass with spray gelcoat finish. The body is only two parts. Maximum working pressure 2.5 Kg / cm2. Maximum working temperature 50 ° C. Inside materials are made of PVC. White gelcoat plastered inner surface. The filter is in ivory color. Optional sight glass. 1 "for 500, 650, 800, 950 diameters, 21/2" for 1050 and 1200 mm diameters. 400mm plastic injection cap for filters with diameters of 500, 650, 800, 950 mm and 200 mm and 1050,1200 mm. At the bottom of the filter, there is a 200 mm diameter sand discharge cover (optional 400 mm cover for 1050 and 1200 mm diameter filters). It can be manufactured with a collector system or with a nozzle plate. It is shipped with manometer and air vent (excluding six-way valve).

Code Product Name Product Type Weight Capacity
36053-0100Artic Plus Ø 650 (1½")16,5 m3/h105-
36054-0100Artic Plus Ø 800 (2")25,0 m3/h135-
41373Artic Plus Ø 950 (2½")35,0 m3/h160-
36055Artic Plus Ø 1050 (3")43,0 m3/h200-
36056Artic Plus Ø 1200 (4")56,5 m3/h230-
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