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Servaqua Model Sand Filters

Blue and green colored polyester body reinforced with coil winding, with manometer and air vent, the body is polished, which does not show dust. Ø 230 lock caps. Filtration rate 50 m3 / h / m2

Code Product Name Product Type Weight Capacity
-Servaqua Model Sand FiltersMulti Way Valve--
00542Servaqua Ø 600 mm11/2” vana21.80.37
00543Servaqua Ø 750 mm2” vana35.10.65
Çok Yollu Vana Hariç----
00544Servaqua Ø 900 mm21/2” vanasız53.41.01
00545Servaqua Ø 1050 mm75 mm vanasız1101.92
00546Servaqua Ø 1200 mm90 mm vanasız1402.70
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