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Victoria Plus Silent Pool Pumps

Self-priming pump with single-phase and three-phase engine options in the range of 1 to 3 HP. Foreign substances

it is equipped with a large volume pre-filter basket, which prevents damage to hydro-mechanical parts.

The engine has an IP-55 protection rating and is designed to operate in difficult environmental conditions.

The engine shaft is made of AISI-316.

General features:

Low volume: in the range of 61 dBA-70 dBA.

Easy operation: convenient opening pre-filter cover (no key required).

Compatible: the Victoria plus pump can be replaced smoothly with fittings compatible with the installations used.

Code Product Name Product Type Standard weight (KG) Standard volume (m3)
67547Victoria Plus Silent VS1 HP Monofaze1.00.087
67548Victoria Plus Silent VS2 HP Monofaze2.00.087
65562Victoria 16k lt/h 0.78 kW1 HP Monofaze140.07
65563Victoria 16k lt/h 0.76 kW1 HP Trifaze140.07
65564Victoria 21.5k lt/h 1.10 kW1.5 HP Monofaze140.7
65565Victoria 21.5k lt/h 1.10 kW1.5 HP Trifaze140.07
65566Victoria 26K lt/h 1.46 kW2 HP Monofaze170.7
65567Victoria 26K lt/h 1.46 kW2 HP Trifaze170.7
65569Victoria 34K lt/h 2.20 kW2HP Monofaze180.7
65570Victoria 34 lt/h 2.20 kW2 HP Trifaze180.7
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