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Aster OC-1 Filters

Filter made of white laminated isophthalic resin. Its internal parts and special body are compatible with OC-1 filter media. With six-way side valve. ¼ ”air and water drain plug. Screw-on transparent cover. Maximum temperature: 50 ºC. Maximum working pressure 2.5 kg / cm2. Maximum filtration rate 50 / h / m2. It is suitable for OC-1 filtration media, not suitable for sand, glass or other materials.

Code Product Name Product Type Weight Capacity
68642OC-1 Aster Filter450210.23
68643OC-1 Aster Filter500230.28
68644OC-1 Aster Filter600280.39
68645OC-1 Aster Filter650290.45
68646OC-1 Aster Filter750370.62
68647OC-1 Aster Filter900-2’’551.27
68648OC-1 Aster Filter900-21/2’’551.27
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