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Cantabric Model Sand Filter

Thermoplastic injection sand filter, gray color, upper body and lower body are combined with hot welding method. It is shipped with manometer and air vent. Maximum filtration rate 50 m3 / h / m2, maximum working pressure 2.5 kg / cm2.

Code Product Name Product Type Weight Capacity
22398Cantabric Ø 400 (With 1½ "valve)6 m3/h9.00.15
15782Cantabric Ø 500 (With 1½ "valve)9 m3/h15.80.29
15783Cantabric Ø 600 (With 1½ "valve)14 m3/h17.80.40
15784Cantabric Ø 750 (With 2"valve)21 m3/h29.00.67
22402Cantabric Ø 900 (2½ "excluding valve)30 m3/h49.01.30
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