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Coil Winding Sand Filter

It is made of ivory colored monoblock polyester and fiberglass, its body is reinforced with wrapping method and has a transparent filter cover. Complete with manometer, vent valve and hexagonal valve. 50 m3 / h / m2 filter speed 2.5 bar maximum working pressure, maximum working temperature 40 ° C. 2½ "sand discharge nozzle at the bottom of the filter

Code Product Name Product Type Weight Capacity
66238-0100Ivory Ø 400 (With 1½ "valve)6 m3/h--
66239-0100Ivory Ø 500 (With 1½ "valve)9 m3/h--
66240-0100Ivory Ø 600 (With 1½ "valve)14 m3/h--
66241-0100Ivory Ø 750 (With 2"valve)21 m3/h--
66242-0100Ivory Ø 900 (With 2"valve)32 m3/h--
66829Ivory Ø 1050 (With 2"valve)43 m3/h--
66830Ivory Ø 1050 (2½") (excluding valve)43 m3/h--
66831Ivory Ø 1200 (2½") (excluding valve)56 m3/h--
66832Ivory Ø 1200 (3") (excluding valve)56 m3/h--
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