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COLORADO Pump - Without Prefilter

Plastic centrifugal pumps without pre-filter, 3000 rpm. It is an ideal pump for high water volumes at low pressure. The transparent front filter cover can be opened for maintenance purposes. The pump is made of fiberglass reinforced polypropylene material. The fan is bronze, the shaft is stainless steel. IP-55 protection class.

Code Product Name Product Type Weight Capacity
44716-120COLORADO Pump 230/400 V7,5 HP500.166
44717-120COLORADO Pump 400/690 V7,5 HP500.166
44718-120COLORADO Pump 230/400 V10 HP610.166
44719-120COLORADO Pump 400/690 V10 HP610.166
44720-120COLORADO Pump 230/400 V12,5 HP650.166
44721-120COLORADO Pump 400/690 V12,5 HP650.166
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